Custom FPI Systems


Complex mechanical needs. Specialty parts. High-capacity processes. Whatever the situation, customers turn to Accent Industrial’s custom equipment and design services for any industrial needs that can’t be fulfilled by standard equipment. Accent’s custom equipment process is flexible and efficient, capable of starting from the very first design consultation sessions to the ready-to-deliver fabrication. This process includes:

  • Sit-down session with the customer to determine specific needs
  • Analysis and review, including consideration of parts to be inspected
  • Preliminary design, usually based on part size and desired throughput
  • Final design review and confirmation
  • Unit fabrication, quality assurance, and delivery

Any Location, Any Size, Any Shape

With a client list that spans the globe, Accent’s custom equipment has fulfilled the specific needs of companies in diverse locations and industries. From aerospace to automotive to medical, each company comes with its own unique situation, and Accent’s expert staff comes with the experience and flexibility to get the job done.

Accent’s facilities can handle custom equipment of almost any size, from small units for low-production manual processing  to large units designed to handle bulky specialty parts. For standard equipment, turnaround time is generally 4-6 weeks. Basic custom equipment generally requires an additional 2 weeks. Customers always receive lead time estimates with project quotes.


Accent’s custom equipment offers the same durability and repeatability as standard equipment, even for complex one-off units. Because of this combination of custom design and sturdy manufacturing, Accent’s custom equipment is the ideal choice for companies that need a system of a special size and configuration or to fit in a specific available footprint.