Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection

Why FPI?

How the Fluorescent Pentrant Inspection (FPI) process helps ensure quality…

The Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) process is a fast and dependable method for inspection of metal components for flaws or defects. In addition to identifying surface breaking defects in cast and forged parts, the FPI process can also identify degrading weld integrity, fatigue cracks and other flaws on in-service parts of various types and materials. A form of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), the FPI process allows for thorough inspection without damage to valuable parts. Since 1979, Accent Industrial has provided customers of all shapes and sizes with quality industrial equipment for non-destructive testing, customized process needs, and much more. With complete in-house design and fabrication capabilities in a large 15,000 square foot facility, Accent Industrial offers end-to-end turnkey support: consulting, design, manufacturing, and on-site training and maintenance

For nearly 30 years, Accent Industrial has worked with non-destructive testing in a number of forms, perfecting and advancing the quality of designs to create the most efficient system available. Accent Industrial specializes in both design and construction of non-destructive test equipment utilizing the fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) method.

From customization to automated systems, Accent Industrial’s team of qualified engineers and manufacturing experts create quality machines that fulfill your testing needs.

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Automated FPI Systems


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Manual FPI Systems


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Choosing a System

Choosing The Right Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) System

FPI systems vary in size, shape, and capabilities based on a variety of criteria. However, the result remains the same: with FPI testing, defects and discontinuities can be discovered on any component’s open surface, both metallic and non-metallic. The primary design drivers for Accent Industrial’s FPI systems are:

  • The part’s size and geometry: Dimensions, weight, and shape
  • The required process: Water washable vs. post emulsifiable
  • The required throughput: Frequency of parts per shift, length of shift, etc.
  • Developer specifics: Wet or dry developer
  • Automation: No automation, limited automation, full automation

Every Accent Industrial FPI system is tailored to meet each customer’s specific needs. FPI system options include:

Application Method

  • Spray Application
  • Immersion Application

Part Handling

  • Roller Conveyors
  • Overhead Conveyors
  • Robotic Manipulators

Floor Plan

  • Straight Line
  • L Shaped
  • U Shaped

Accent Industrial builds FPI systems using high-quality standard modular components noted for their durability. In addition, each system can integrate customized pieces for a truly unique design that will optimize any customer’s specific needs and efficiency.