Standard FPI Systems


Accent Industrial specializes in providing customers with high-quality standard non-destructive testing (NDT) equipmentfor a variety of needs. With a diverse selection of options available, Accent’s standard NDT equipment is flexible enough to meet the design needs of customers while reliable enough to withstand processes across a long life cycle.


The Economical Alternative

Accent’s standard dye penetrant systems utilize the same principles as custom or automated equipment: high quality, durable, and effective. However, Accent’s standard equipment offers these benefits without the cost of customization or complex design, making it the perfect choice for any company or organization looking for an economical NDT alternative.

With more than optional features, Accent’s standard equipment is used in a variety of forms by customers around the globe. These units work best for companies with a limited or basic need for NDT equipment. Drawing from nearly three decades of design and manufacturing experience and utilizing some of the most advanced control systems available, Accent Industrial’s standard equipment options provide the flexibility necessary for success in a demanding environment, all delivered with a fast turnaround time. Accent’s available options include but are not limited to:

  • Spray-type penetrant application using HVLP, conventional or electrostatic guns
  • Supply pumps, regulators and gauges
  • Pressure pots
  • Pneumatic-power immersion lifts
  • Hydraulic-power immersion lifts
  • Powered and manual rotary tables
  • Aluminum, stainless steel and plastic work surfaces.
  • Conveyors rollers in galvanized, stainless steel, plastic and rubberized
  • Power driven roller conveyors
  • Counter balanced manual doors
  • Power operated doors
  • Split roof for crane access
  • Overhead monorail system
  • Continuous conveyor systems
  • Automated process controls
  • Automated part handling
  • Integrated water filtration systems
  • Choice of exterior finish color
  • Barcode scanning and part tracking
  • System for monitoring of consumables
  • System for monitoring process parameters
  • Color touch screen control displays
  • PLC machine controls with programming services