Since 1979, Accent Industrial has provided high-quality products across a range of industrial processes that are functional and reliable, even in custom pieces and complex designs. For industrial fabrication, custom design, and automation, Accent Industrial stands above the competition by always:

  • Taking each competitor’s deliverable capability and exceeding it with better designs and top-quality construction.
  • Offering customers unlimited capacity in terms of size and complexity
  • Delivering some of the industry’s best turnaround times

Accent Industrial prides itself on delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction possible. Accent works hand-in-hand with clients to fine-tune specifications to ensure that every need is met, all with experienced in-house design, reliable purchased components, and fast turnarounds. Through quality communication, best practices for material selection, and attention to detail, Accent helps customers cut down equipment-related costs by delivering high-quality units that are reliable and effective, maximizing customer usage and efficiency.

Global Capabilities For Worldwide Industries

Using the latest and best equipment, Accent’s services are trusted by companies around the globe for their non-destructive testing and industrial equipment. Accent’s facilities are capable of handling projects of any size; combined with a staff of experienced specialists, Accent presents customers with a nearly unlimited range of possibilities with no mechanical or capacity boundaries.

Who Uses Accent Industrial?

  • Accent’s standard equipment is the preferred choice for companies that have a limited or basic need for non-destructive testing equipment.
  • Accent’s custom equipment is used by customers around the world to manufacture large or specialized parts that present unique processing challenges.
  • Accent’s automated equipment is the perfect system for companies looking for consistency and a great return-on-investment while optimizing speed, budget, and efficiency through automated processes.

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