Accent adds FPI Water Treatment Systems to product portfolio.

Accent Industrial has added both CDFS-CL Activated Carbon (water-wash penetrant), and CFS-CL Coalescer (post-emulsified penetrant) Water Treatment Systems to its growing product portfolio. Both systems utilize ozone, have been designed to meet strict customer specifications (such as P&W, Sikorski, etc) and in some cases, replacing their existing treatment systems that didn’t meet their needs. Visit


Accent Industrial adds Parts Washer Systems for Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) to equipment list

Accent Industrial now provides parts washer systems specifically designed for fluorescent penetrant inspection systems. The Accent Industrial Series of Parts Washer Systems utilize air powered part agitation movement (stroke) through the solution providing coverage and turbulence on the parts surfaces and cavities. With each stroke the solution flows over the part surfaces and enters and